How to get a burn-out in 7 days

Day 1

Choose a job with incredibly high expectations. You don’t necessarily want anything that makes you feel comfortable, you need to find a gig where you can learn a lot in a short amount of time. Take any salary they offer, even if it sounds quite low. The more important thing is the experience you’ll gain. If you do well, work hard, stay loyal, and always give 100 percent of what you’ve got, you’ll get promoted in no time and be able to make a tremendous career jump.

Day 2

On your first day at work, make sure you present yourself in the best way possible. Prepare mentally and think through what you want your first impression to be. Think it over and over, make sure you say the right words. It’s very important you do this right.

Day 3

During your first days, it’s very important to show what you’ve got. Your coworkers need to be impressed by what you can do. It’s best to show you’re better than them. Your only chance at success is to be the best of the best at what you do. Life is a competition and right now, you’re only at the bottom of the pyramid. The more you want to go up, the fewer people you’ll have around you. Get used to these thoughts. There can only be one winner, make sure you’re that one.

Day 4

Whenever someone tells you to do a task in two weeks, do it in one. Whenever someone tries to convince you something cannot be done, prove them wrong! You are the only one here who is not lacking motivation. Look at all these dumb-dumbs around you! Of course, they can’t get the task done, cause they never think as far as you do.

Day 5

You’re now starting to understand the bureaucracy and endless rules and restrictions you’re surrounded with. Don’t worry though; You can change the world as long as you believe it well enough. You’ve been fighting your whole life to be where you are today. You’ve always been different than anyone else. Now show how being different pays off!

Day 6

Dreams can only be achieved by people who work hard for it. You don’t need to take a break to do sport or anything. You don’t need to cook for yourself anymore. Don’t listen to those lazy hippies who are advising you to start doing yoga. Focus on what really matters: success. Visiting friends and taking vacations are all things you can do once you’re successful. Why focus on finding a lover now? Won’t it be way easier once you’re famous and swimming in money?

Day 7

Keep up the good work! Keep going to work even if you don’t feel like it. Keep giving everything you got even if you feel like it’s going to waste. Success is not for quitters; you can’t quit! Wait for your next bonus, let’s see if people finally appreciate that you’ve put your heart and soul into this.


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